Dilyana Georgieva

Grand Representative Diocesan Choir “Sv. Sofronii Vrachanski”

Posted on 20 December 2007 in:

The history of the Vratsa Diocese has been long and rich in supporting both Christian and worldly patriotic events, unifying the Orthodox and Secular in the name of culture and enlightenment. In this light of purpose, the idea of “church music” as a bridge between popular and Christian art continues to motivate a certain “modern” enlightenment. The germ of this idea, which today realizes more and more of its potentiality, was the creation of Grand Representative Diocesan Choir “Sv. Sofronii Vrachanski” (St. Sofronii of Vratsa), which has had concerts in Bulgaria and abroad for more than twenty years – spreading the beauty of choral music.

The Representative Diocesan Choir has made a memorable recording of classical choral music in the National Bulgarian Radio and has been awarded many special accolades of merit, among which: distinction from the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church; the Order of Merit “St. Cyril and Methodius” (the highest Order of Merit in Bulgaria) 2nd degree; and the Order of Merit “St. Sofronii of Vratsa”, 1st degree.

In the spirit of my deep patriotic and musical feeling, I have accepted the offer to be the soloist of the Grand Choir more than once. I had the extreme pleasure to work with excellent musicians, who embody the paradigm of self-discipline, care for what they do, and vehement passion for their art, as well as employ a rich repertoire of choral music. It was an honor for me to devote my time to study and perform the soloist parties and make a contribution to the elevation of the authority of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church Choral singing.

I want to cordially express my gratitude to the Grand Representative Choir and personally thank its conductor Trayanopolski Bishop Kiprian for the inspirational and spiritual experience I shared in.

I am proud and happy to be awarded with prize-distinction and an Order of Merit by His Holiness the Archbishop of Vratsa Kalinik for the twentieth anniversary of the Choir.