Dilyana Georgieva

“Spring Duets” in Support of “I CAN TOO”

Posted on 24 April 2007 in: ,

After I became acquainted with the goals of “I CAN TOO” Foundation, I was extremely thrilled to learn that I can be of help to the children with impairment by inviting them to experience and share the beauty of the art of Opera. I organized a grand opera concert in the beautiful Military Club Hall in Sofia, named Spring Duets to help the needed. For I felt, and still firmly believe, that it is a communal duty, a human-to-human duty to care and think about these children; to dedicate even a bit of our busy lives and share our opportunities and success. I met parents, whose will to fight never succumbed to despair, despite the grave diagnoses their children were given. I felt that this adamant will should be supported not only by the efforts and advancement of modern medicine, but also by what is all too human: our human talents and the constant pursuit and love for beauty. As a singer and a mother I deeply believe in the healing potency of music: the artistic milieu, permeated by the positivism that surrounds every performance, heals the hearts of the children, burdened by their physical impairments and gives strength, hope, and light to their families. I have seen how music lifts their spirit and dreams, and ignites further the internal flame of courage and perseverance.
The entire revenue from Spring Duets concert went to aid the children’s smoother and gradual social adaptation and improve their immediate circumstances by the purchase of tailored to their needs special transportation vehicles.